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I’ve kinda had my fill of dubstep, but this is a really neat idea for a video.

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Gorgeous video of Yosemite with M83 soundtrack.

Trumpdisco feat. Airwolf, Cut and Paste. Most awesomely ridiculous music video ever?

This stop-motion animation required 22 months, 1,357 hours, 30 people, and 288,000 jelly beans. Each frame was carefully created by hand and photographed with a still camera and none of it was done with a green screen.

It’s incredibly easy to overlook how much care and attention to detail it requires to pull off something like this. Let me attempt to point out a few difficulties:

• Her lips are synced to the lyrics, this means they had to determine ahead of time which mouth shapes would be required at each specific frame. And they didn’t use green, screen, so they couldn’t just shoot her part separately and super-impose it.

• The production took 22 months, and her appearance is very consistent throughout. Her hair remains about the same length and styled the same over a year-long shoot.

• During the scene where she’s holding the torch, the lighting on her face changes as the torch flickers.

Watch the behind the scenes video as well.

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This is not what I expected in a ‘sitcom’ from Louis C.K.

That said, the show is great. It’s satiric, dark, a bit melancholy; yet endearing, somehow.

It’s well shot and well produced, on a shoestring budget, largely written, directed and edited by Louis C.K.

I have been having a very bad day.