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Beautiful web form on the site.

Probably not very practical, and probably an accessibility nightmare, but it does look better than any form I’ve ever made.



Killer top. If you look closely you’ll see that the outer and inner layers are black and white stripes, but when they lay over each other, they form gingham checks. Pretty clever design.

In the event anybody was looking to get me a random gift.

Dave Munson, owner and designer at Saddleback Leather, gives detailed tips to people making knock-offs of his products, involving all the ways they can do it cheaper, without all that pesky “quality” or “attention to detail”.

[ via Daring Fireball ]

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I wonder if anybody at IMDB realizes what a shitshow this is.

The 2015 Mustang is the second Ford that feels “inspired” by the design of an Aston Martin. AND I AM 100% OKAY WITH THAT.

Ford did still own Aston when these designs likely began development, so…